Monday, November 13, 2017



    Thanksgiving is a national holiday which is celebrated for the most part in the United States and Canada. In Canada, Thanksgiving takes place on the second Monday of October whereas in the United States it is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November. This holiday is seen as day to give thanks for the harvest from the previous year.
Some traditions are: making cranberry sauce, pulling on the wishbone from the turkey (it is said to be good luck to get the biggest part), some typical Thanksgiving vegetable dishes include sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes or corn on the cob. For dessert, many families make pumpkin pie. In many cities there are Thanksgiving parades
   On that day families have a big meal. They remember the first Thanksgiving in 1621. The Pilgrims sailed in a ship called "Mayflower" from England to the USA.
   At the beginning this celebration was a harvest festival and the Pilgrims  thanked goddess for the bounty. The first president that established a national day of Thanksgiving the 4th Thursday of each November was Abraham Lincoln.
   Everybody  has got 4 days of holidays. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It is the beginning of Christmas shopping. As there are lots of people buying in the streets, and many drive cars in the cities, there are lots of accidents and the shops have lots of nervous customers.
Thanksgiving song
Thanksgiving song 2

Friday, November 3, 2017


United Kingdom
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Northern Ireland


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 Resultado de imagen de australia flag

Resultado de imagen de india flag

South Africa
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United Kingdom
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Northern Ireland

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New Zealand
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Monday, October 30, 2017


Weather video
Another weather video 


It's sunny= hace sol
It's cloudy= está nublado
It's windy= hace viento
It's hot= hace calor
It's cold= hace frío
It's warm= está templado
It's snowy= está nevando
It's rainy= está lluvioso
It's foggy= hay niebla
It's stormy= está tormentoso
It's thundering= con truenos
It's lightning= con rayos 
rainbow= arco iris

partly cloudy= parcialmente nublado
clear sky= cielo despejado
raindrop= gota de lluvia
snowflake= copo de nieve
sleet= aguanieve 
hail= granizo
freezing= helando
tornado= tornado 
weather forecast=predicción del tiempo atmosférico

Image result for weather in english list 

Image result for weather in english list

Weather games
Weather forecast for the week
Weather games
Weather forecast chart

Exercise: translate into English

Con viento




Con niebla








Sunday, October 29, 2017

HALLOWEEN.videos, games, jokes, riddles, safety rules, a story and vocabulary

trick or treat= truco o trato
mummy= momia
midnight= media noche
spider’s web= telaraña
black cat= gato negro
haunted house= casa de terror
wolfman/ werewolf= hombre lobo
pumpkin= calabaza
jack- o'lantern= calabaza con luz
skeleton= esqueleto
vampire= vampiro
scar= cicatriz
spooky= espeluznante
devil= demonio
monster= monstruo
skull= calavera
witch= bruja
ghost= fantasma
bones= huesos
blood= sangre
costumes= disfraces
broom= escoba
broomstick= palo de escoba
fairy= hada
hoot= hulular (sonido de los búhos)
owl= búho
scare= aterrorizar
bat= murciélago
full moon= luna llena
night= noche
hat= sombrero
grave= tumba
wizard= mago
candle= vela
Stingy Jack= Juan el tacaño
knock at the door=golpear en la puerta
cauldron = caldera

Match the riddles:
1. I'm orange. I've got 2 eyesand a big mouth. There's a candle inside me......
2. I live with a witch. I'm black and I love mice.........
3. I'm wearing a black dress with a long hat. I make potions......
4. I've got 8 legs. I climb and climb on the walls.......
5. I'm scary and white. I live in a haunted house.............
Witches ride me above the sky.......

 Safety rules for Halloween:
. Always go trick or treating in gropus. Never go alone!
. Never go inside the house of a stranger. Always wait outside the door for the treat.
. Stop trick or trating at 8 p.m.
. Ask an adult to look at the sweets and biscuits before you eat them. Do not eat sweets that are not factory wrapped.

. Why do witches use broomsticks to fly on? Because vacuum-cleaners are too heavy.

.What do you call a witch who lives by the beach? A sand-witch

Funny pumpkins 
Crazy ideas
Halloween song (Nightmare before Christmas)
Trick or treat folks 
Tik tak draw
HALLOWEEN GAME1: Match the words
HALLOWEEN GAME 2: Haunted house

Monday, October 16, 2017

6º. UNIT 1. Vocabulary

IN YOUR FREE TIME= En tu tiempo libre

1. do puzzles= hacer rompecabezas, pasatiempos
2. collect things= coleccionar cosas
3. go to pop concerts= ir a conciertos de música pop
4. play chess= jugar a jedrez
5. make things= hacer/construir cosas
6. go fishing= ir de pesca
7. juggle =hacer malabares
8. use the internet= usar internet
9. practise a foreign language=practicar una lengua extranjera
10. play the drums= tocar la batería

5º.UNIT 1.Vocabulary

  A WORLD OF GADGETS=Un mundo de aparatos

1. satnav /GPS  =navegador
2. tablet =tableta
3. pen drive =pincho
4. webcam =cámara del ordenador
5. stopwatch= cronómetro 
6. MP3  player= reproductor de música
7. charger= cargador
8. calculator= calculadora
9. headphones= auriculares, cascos
10. video games console= consola de video juegos


Monday, September 25, 2017


  1. What’s your name?
                        2. How old are you?
                        3. When is your birthday?.                      
                        4 . Where are you from?
                        5. Where do you live in your country?                
                        6. Do you live in a flat or in a house in your country?                 
                        7. Do you like Spain?
                        8. What’s your favourite city in Spain? 
                        9. What’s your porofession? 
                        10. How many brothers and sisters have you got?                     
                        11. What’s your favourite colour ?
                        12. What colour are your eyes?
                        13. What colour is your hair?
                        14. What’s your favourite food?.                     
                        15. What’s your favourite animal
                        16. Do you like sports? 
                        17. What’s your favourite football team?                   
                        18. Do you like reading? 
                        19. What’s your favourite music?
                        20. Do you like dancing? 
                        21. Can you swim?
                        22. Can you ride a bike? 
                        23. What was your favourite subject at school? 
                        24. Were you a good student when you were a child?
                        25. What’s the weather like in your country?
  26. Can you drive a car?